Billy Klee

Lead vocalist, Rhythm guitarist, Backup vocal

Billy started playing the trumpet when he was about 9 years old. His dad taught him to read music and play big band era and 70's era songs. A few months later Billy talked his parents into a twelve dollar guitar at a local dime store by promising to practice each instrument 1/2 an hour everyday, well by the time he was in Jr. high school he played The trumpet, guitar, clarinet, alto sax, drums, baritone and sang....thats about four hours of practice everyday and his Dad held him to it!

After his Dads untimely death in 1982 Billy slowed down with the musical instruments and playing music in general, playing for friends and recording occasionally.

Then in 1993 he picked up his guitar and wrote a song for his Mother called "True Love" and fell in love with music all over again, especially country music, He says his music "comes out that way!"

Billy met up with the Cadillac Cowboys early 2011 and it "just clicked!", "The band has such incredible passion for the classic country sound that the songs sound brand new!"