David Taylor

Bass guitarist, Backup vocal

I knew music was important to me when I was a young boy. I sang with my father while he learned country songs by Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, and others... using an old Gibson guitar he found in a pawn shop. I was already playing string bass in the school orchestras. Later, I taught myself guitar using my father’s old guitar. 

In high school, I played in a number of rock bands that later forged a desire to study music in college. I studied at North Texas State Univ. and Lamar University in southeast Texas. My music influences had came from country, blues, soul, and rock, which were prevalent in that area.  

After setting music aside for too long to pursue a business career that included moving to Denver, I found my way back into music here in the region and have been involved with wide variety of music styles and projects over the last 10 years. Joining the Cadillac Cowboys brings me back to some of the great country songs I knew and played back when I was in Texas... including songs I learned with my father!

The Cadillac Cowboys were excited to have David join the band in January 2018.